Friday, August 19, 2011

Baking workshop

Attended a Chocolate cake baking and Chocolate Fondant Roses making workshop... this being my very hands-on baking workshop and I'm enjoying it :-) had fun making the roses.
It's a two days workshop... first, learnt to bake a solid chocolate butter cake and make chocolate fondant roses. on the second day, learnt to put the fondant over the cake... not an easy thing to do :-) very tricky... but to decorate it ... is FUN :-)
stayed on to learn about shortcakes :-) a very long day but enjoyed every minute of it :-)
gonna attend the cake pop workshop tomorrow :-)

have signed up for the PME sugarcraft workshop next month... so looking forward to it :-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

engagement ring box

Was asked to make an engagement ring box...
Used glitter paper to make the box, glued a Prima flower in the center of the box (the ring should fit in the center of the flower snugly). Covered the box with flower and tie with ribbon.


PROPS! i just love making props for musicals ... these are some of the props that i've made for the school musicals...
The dresser and stool plus Jail cell is for "The Best Little Theater in town"
The whale is for "Night of Young Stars"

diaper cakes

Diaper cakes - thought i compiled them together ... I do enjoy putting them together.
so far, i've only did two diaper bikes, one trike and one cake!


Murals... it's something really fun and challenging.
Did two murals - one in the school library reading corner (which was a personal project) and the other - a major project cause it's the entire room with the theme 'under the sea' and i had lots of other parent volunteers and teachers who pitched in to help complete the mural.