Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time has certainly gone by quickly

hi still unable to find time to scrap, craft and even blog...
Leaving tonight for Melbourne, gonna send my eldest girl
there for her foundation studies at Trinity College... not
sure what to expect but at this point of time, i have too
much on my hands to think about not having her around
at home! will be there to help settle her in and then i'll be
back and another madness starts... as i have to start packing!
sigh...it's like a vicious cycle with no end in sight!

Hopefully this will be my last time having to pack and move...
cos we are finally getting our own apartment...smaller than the
current place that we rented but then again, it's easier to manage
especially when it comes to cleaning :-)

hope to squeeze some time to craft as i pack too :-)

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