Friday, August 19, 2011

Baking workshop

Attended a Chocolate cake baking and Chocolate Fondant Roses making workshop... this being my very hands-on baking workshop and I'm enjoying it :-) had fun making the roses.
It's a two days workshop... first, learnt to bake a solid chocolate butter cake and make chocolate fondant roses. on the second day, learnt to put the fondant over the cake... not an easy thing to do :-) very tricky... but to decorate it ... is FUN :-)
stayed on to learn about shortcakes :-) a very long day but enjoyed every minute of it :-)
gonna attend the cake pop workshop tomorrow :-)

have signed up for the PME sugarcraft workshop next month... so looking forward to it :-)


Quinn said...

hello..just visiting here..anyway, your blog is really nice and it's interesting to follow...
please bring back the favor to me :

thank you and GOD BLESS !!

Melty said...

It looks very beautiful and I quess it's even more delicious. Well done!

Destiny from Cincinnati said...

Very nice blog :)